What was the hottest day in Phoenix?

This story was originally published by The Guardian and is republished here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Phoenix is ​​the hottest city in America, and it’s getting hotter all the time. The global climate crisis and decades of sprawling urban growth have turned this desert city into a dangerous heat island with dwindling water supplies and insufficient shade.

December 1–16: The tail end of a low pressure system struck the Pacific Northwest during the first week of the month, bringing some rain and snow to Arizona. The totals were pretty low since there wasn’t a lot of moisture to work with. On the 3rd Tucson received 0.12″ of rain and Phoenix received a trace of rain on the 4th Johns and 0.35″ at Cast Hot Springs. Flagstaff received no precipitation from this system. Dry conditions followed with no further precipitation until the 15th when a small upper level disturbance moved in and brought in some moisture with Flagstaff receiving around 0.06″. Also on the 16th, Flagstaff recorded its highest wind gust for the month at 42 mph. Phoenix and Tucson were able to set/tie old HiMin records. On the 13th, a new HiMin record was set at 69 degrees from 67 degrees in 1983 for Phoenix. Tucson set a new HiMin at 63 degrees from 60 degrees in 1990. At Phoenix on the 14th, it tied the old HiMin record of 63 degrees from 1990, as well as the HiMin 15 which was at 62 degrees. Tucson tied another HiMin record of 60 degrees in 16 that was originally set in 1936. The high nighttime temperatures were the result of very high daytime temperatures followed by nighttime cloud cover that trapped heat below the clouds. Phoenix Travel Guide

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    Muggy Las Vegas

    This undated image provided by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas shows the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas . AP Photo/Cosmopolitan Las Vegas File

    Visitors should be aware of a little-known fact about temperatures in the gambling mecca: The Strip is often warmer than the rest of the city.

    High costs of extreme heat in Phoenix described in new study

    Ended up being the hottest month of the year after July and August 2020 became the hottest spots on record from Phoenix.

    November (2), December (4), and April (5) were also among the top five warmest in the 125-year record.

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