Can you swim in Rock lake

Board Agenda Monday, January 16, 2023 6:30 p.m. m. This will be a virtual meeting and open to the public. Sign in early to deal with software updates and other issues so we can get started on time. The waiting room will be open 10 minutes before. Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 823 1253 4353 / Passcode: 369285

  1. Call to order (6:30) )
  2. Good News Minutes
  3. Adopt Agenda
  4. Secretary’s Report – Approve 7/11/2022 Board Meeting Minutes
  5. Treasurer’s Report (6:35- 6:40)
  6. Public Comments/Correspondence
    1. Guests (2 minutes per person)
    2. Mail (Jim C)
    3. Email/Facebook (Susan)
  7. Other reports: (6:45-7:00)
    1. County Representative: Marisa
    2. Rock Lake Joint Committee Report
    3. )

  8. Old Business (7:00-7:15)
    1. Discuss recruiting board members (Susan)
    2. R to review the closure of the Surface Water Grant (Tom)
    3. Discuss DC replacement strategy (Tom)
    4. Discuss Membership Survey (Jim)
  9. New Business (7:15-8:00)
    1. Discuss planning session schedule
    2. Review conflict of interest forms for new board members (Mike)
    3. Discuss City Council candidate’s request to discuss lake issues with members/council
    4. Discuss College Street renovation and attendance at Public Works Board meeting
    5. Approve a $20 donation to Izaak Walton League of America for two Salt Watch kits

    (tix agb_14)

  10. Propose items for the agenda of the next meeting: February 20
  11. Next scheduled meetings: 02/20/23 (ZOOM), 03/20/23
  12. Postpone
    1. Spring flowers

      Every year around May and June, there are fields of fluffy white flowers around the lake.

      They’re great for taking photos, so don’t forget to bring your camera!


      For the ultimate adrenaline rush, try the high-flying thrill of parasailing, offered by American Parasailing under the watchful and experienced eye of Captain Sam Sandt. From takeoff to landing, Captain Sam guides his passengers in a custom parasailing boat outfitted with state-of-the-art safety equipment. Departing every hour from the State Park Marina, flyers are launched from a high-speed boat, reaching heights of 300 feet before returning for a soft, dry landing. Just about anyone can do it, so it’s not uncommon to see older folks soar high with younger ones to experience the dizzying sight of a lifetime.

      Preferred for its deep, clear waters, Table Rock Lake is a magnet for diving enthusiasts hoping to see the lake’s abundant marine life and explore a wonderland of ancient geological features that were submerged when it was created lake in the mid-1950s. For the uninitiated, State Park Marina Dive Shop offers a Discover SCUBA course (ages 10 and up) that provides basic instruction, safety procedures, and participation in a boat dive in less than 15 feet deep. A very reasonable price includes equipment, air, boat ride, and professional instruction, so if scuba diving is something you’ve always wanted to try, give it a try!

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